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According to a post published on Business Insider (http://www.businessinsider.com/uav-or-commercial-drone-market-forecast-2015-2), the drone market is expected to be worth a cool $14 Billion annually by 2024. It’s currently estimated at about $4-$6 billion annually and increasing rapidly. It’s clear, this niche will continue trending for years to come.

The term ‘drone’ first came into existence when the military began using small unmanned aircraft for intelligence gathering, surveillance and reconnaissance missions where manned flight was considered too risky or difficult. They provide troops with a 24-hour “eye in the sky”, seven days a week.

With the advances in modern technology and cost reductions brought about by the mass-production of common components, this specialist market soon became available to hobbyists who previously played with radio-controlled airplanes and helicopters.

Here at Drones of Distinction, we’re committed to giving a lot of basic information on all aspects of ‘hobby’ drones. We’ll include hints, tips and hacks to get the most out of your drones, while we add more advanced info.

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